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About us

Old Vinyl Records - New Unique Art - Alexandra NZ. 
I take discarded vinyl records and cut them into unique art, wall hangings and clocks. They are precision cut to order from good condition 33/3 LP (long play) vinyl records that measure 30cm in diameter and generally ship within 2 days of payment. You can choose your own label, have me choose, send me one or have it hidden. If i don't currently have the design you would like, you can request a popular design or get in touch by email or Facebook to discuss your custom design idea. You may wish to give our Facebook page a like for updates on new designs, discounts and the odd give away. You can also find more about us, shipping and payment info in the quick links section located at the bottom of the page.

How did i get started?
While visiting a local op shop i came across a stencilled canvas of Jimi Hendrix and for $10 i couldn't resist, on the way back to my car i noticed a box sitting outside with the note attached.... "Free" It was full of old vinyl records. Knowing they would sit there all day before being thrown in the skip and taken to landfill, I thought..... what a waste, there must be something i can do with them?
Pondering whether or not to take them home i glanced at the Hendrix canvas and the thought popped into my mind....  could i cut the stencilled image of Jimi Hendrix out of one of the vinyl's?.
Over the next several weeks i experimented with different techniques and designs. With the practice pieces proving popular among family and friends i sharpened my skills and began selling them locally and then later on Trade Me.
I have since cut hundreds of records that were otherwise destined for landfill but instead now feature in homes, cafes, restaurants and other businesses both nationwide and overseas.

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